CR Ocean Engineering

CR Ocean Engineering

WATMAR Secures Australasian AGENCY for CR Ocean Engineering ship exhaust scrubbers.

WATMAR are pleased to announce the successful formation of an Agency Agreement with CR Ocean Engineering LLC, a leader in Ship Exhaust Scrubber equipment and technology. The agreement sees WATMAR managing sales as well as equipment installation, commissioning and maintenance services to vessels in the AUSTRALASIAN region.

Tight IMO emission regulations come into effect from January 2020. The regulations (MARPOL Annex Vi) require ALL ships and vessels operating anywhere in the world to emit less than 0.5% sulphur dioxide (SO2). For most vessels, the most economical way of achieving this requirement is with the use of exhaust scrubbers. For more information on how these regulations affect Australian vessels, you can find more at the AMSA site;

CR Ocean scrubber systems use patented technologies developed with the help of CFD analysis to provide highly effective and efficient operation. CR Ocean also combines innovative construction techniques with highly corrosion resistant materials to deliver maximum system reliability durability and life, for an application where ship down-time is critically expensive. WATMAR offer 30 years of ship equipment installation and maintenance experience to support the product locally.

For ship designers and builders, now is the time to integrate a CR Ocean scrubber, or at a minimum, engineer a system into the vessel (leaving relevant minimum space) for future installation.

For enquires or quotes for CR Ocean exhaust scrubbers, please contact WATMAR at or call us at +618 9437 1305 or visit our

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