NATA Testing & Calibration

NATA Testing & Calibration

WATMAR’s state of the art NATA testing & calibration facility was set up in 2016, and have since become highly certified by a wide range of governing bodies.

This ensures a high quality of work, with the ability to work with defence, oil & gas, and other high compliance critical industries.

Specializing but not limited to:

  • Valves
  • Hoses
  • Pipes & Components
  • Pressure & Vacuum gauges
  • Flanges

Our NATA accredited lab will ensure that all equipment is tested and certified at the highest levels.  With a team of specially trained staff and many international brand partnerships, we can ensure that you are keep running.

Normal turnaround for most places is 3-4 days, but we generally work on a 24hr turnaround time.  Making the team at WATMAR the preferred choice when it comes to NATA approved testing and calibration services.