Quality & Certifications

In 2016, WATMAR attained NATA accreditation as a mechanical testing facility to pressure test valves, hoses, pipes and components, with this scope being extended to include Pressure & Vacuum gauge calibration.

We are highly certified by a wide range of governing bodies, ensuring a high quality of work, with the ability to work on defence, oil/gas and other high compliance critical  industries.


Quality and Certification



Australian Electrical Contractor Licence EC13913

Bureau Veritas
Governing body for certification of

Watmar NATA Accreditation

Governing body for certification of;

Governing body for certification of

Health, Safety & Environment

WATMAR are committed to providing superior products and services in a manner that conforms to or exceeds contractual requirements of our Clients and all applicable regulatory authorities.

We are committed to the health and safety of staff, contractors and members of the public, while ensuring we are doing this in an environmentally conscientious way.

HSEQ inspections and quality spot checks are carried out on a continual basis to ensure that a suitable work environment is provided in order to achieve conformity of products and services.

WATMAR has developed a list of policies in accordance with ISO standard requirements:

  • WAT-HR-PO-C-0011 Quality Policy

  • WAT-HR-PO-C-0012 Health and Safety Policy

  • WAT-HR-PO-C-0013 Environmental Policy

WATMAR have established, implemented and maintained an integrated management system with the objective of ensuring that all work provided by WATMAR meets specified requirements of all legal and other requirements while ensuring that it falls in line with our core values.

Core Values: