Lubrication & Fuelling

Lubrication fuelling

WATMAR has extensive experience with engineering lubrication and fuelling systems. Servicing fuelling and lubrication applications including shipping, oil and gas platforms, refineries, power generation, fuel transport, transfer and storage, we have 30 years of experience and hazardous area certifications required to meet your requirements.

Our in-house manufacturing capabilities combined with regional equipment partnerships gives us the ability to deliver innovative and competitive systems to meet your requirements.

Our engineering team can provide a solution to meet your specific fuel or lubrication requirements. Along with system design, supply and install, WATMAR also provides ongoing servicing and maintenance options to ensure the long-life and efficiency of your system.

WATMAR provide fuel and lubrication systems for applications requiring;

  • Fuel purification and filtration
  • Fuel transfer systems
  • Gearbox and engine lubrication
  • Industrial process lubrication
  • Fuel and oil refining
  • Fuel/water separation