Separators & Purifiers

Separators & Purifiers

WATMAR partners with leading international equipment suppliers including ALFA LAVAL and GEA to provide complete purification and separation systems.

Servicing the marine, oil, gas, beverage, food, pharmaceutical, water, waste, chemical and manufacturing industries, our 30 years of experience with centrifugal equipment and highly trained technicians ensures we have the products and support to meet your requirements.

Our in-house manufacturing capabilities combined with world-leading technology partnerships gives us the ability to deliver innovative and competitive systems that provide superior performance, reliability and cost.

We provide service managing the life span of the equipment including design, supply, installation, commissioning and maintenance to ensure the long-life and efficiency of your system.

WATMAR provide decanting, purification and separator systems for applications including;

  • Fuel oil and lubrication oil separation and purification,
  • Brewery and food industry separation,
  • Bilge water, crankcase gas and scrubber water separation,
  • Chemical clarification,
  • Waste oil, oily water separation and emulsion decanting,
  • Mineral and chemical de-watering,
  • Pharma biotech separation.