WATMAR are the Australian Distributors for the VALVESEAL company of products in the Australian and New Zealand Regions. VALVESEAL was born from the experience of a team of professionals with over 25 years in the Fluid Handling and Sealing Solutions sectors.

Oriented to give integral solutions in the control and handling of fluids in specific areas such as the Water Management, Mining, Resource , Oil and Gas Sectors, industrial local government bodies, fire-fighting installations and HVAC. We have a whole range of Instrumentation, Manometers, Thermometers and Levels.

With the VALVESEAL distributorship of the TECFLOW brand, WATMAR with also have available the TOSACA SAFETY VALVES and NUOVA FIMA instrumentations product range.

TECFLOW manufactures valves for the Water sector and has a wide range of valves and accessories to provide solutions for all types of water installations, whether they are DWTP, Wastewater Drainage, Piping or Desalination Plants. It also has a range of products with FM/UL approval for fire-fighting installations and valves for air-conditioning and industry.

VALVESEAL brand stack include but not limited to:

VALVESEAL offers a range of solutions in industry such as the automation of all its valves.

  • Pneumatically: with Tecflow pneumatic actuators in double and spring return, ATEX certified.
  • Electrically: With Actuator for 3-phase or 1-phase motors.
  • Positioners: Pneumatic and electropneumatic.
  • Signposting: with mechanical and inductive limit switch boxes.
  • Solenoid Valves: Namur Type with ATEC Certification.
  • Assemble of Extension: To valve, heating chambers and ball valves for reactor bottoms.