Waste Water Zehnder Pump


Zhender Pumpen Appoints WATMAR


WATMAR are pleased to announce the exclusive distributorship of ZHENDER PUMPEN products in Australia. Established in 1970, Zehnder Pumps manufactures submersible pumps, garden pumps, sewage lifting units, waste water lifting units, excrement lifting units, electronic pressure pumps and house water systems.

Our first delivery has left the building and we look forward to a bright and successful future with our Zhender Pumpen partners. The Zhender Pumpen product looks mighty impressive and certainly reflects the claim of being the highest quality product in the market.

For more information on the Zhender Pumpen range of products go to: https://watmar.com.au/oem-equipment/zehnder-pumpen/ or email us an enquiry at enquires@watmar.com.au


A range of pumps all lined up going from small yellow pumps to a large tank with side cut open showing internal pump, then dropping back down to smaller pumps again

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