Asset Management

Equipment Certification
System Performance Testing
Inside the dedicated paint booth
Onsite Maintenance
Engineering Inspection
Plant Upgrades
Programmed Sustainment
Shutdown Services

Asset Management:

WATMAR takes a collaborative approach to asset management.  Firstly, providing innovative technical solutions to operational problems rather than continuing with costly repair and maintenance activities.  Our broad engineering knowledge, capabilities and extensive testing certifications ensures that your asset is in correct order.

Specialising in Marine, NATA testing and calibration, WATMAR provides the support our clients need to ensure the reliability, safety and compliance of their assets, plants and systems.

Our engineering teams help to provide maximum asset performance and efficiency.  Thus, delivering independent technical information to verify a client’s assets, plant or systems.  Ensuring they are designed, built and running within the industry standards.

With a dynamic and flexible approach to our work and broad in-house capabilities, we have proven our ability to surpass the expectations of customers throughout the Asia-Pacific Region.

Comprehensive Sustainment and Management Services:

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