Quatripole Specialist OEM Equipment

WATMAR – Now your local Quatripole agent

WATMAR - Appointed Quatripole Agent


Now your local Quatripole agent

WATMAR have been assigned as the sole and exclusive OEM Representative for QUATRIPOLE equipment in the territory of ASIA-PACIFIC, with the purpose of promoting, distributing and providing maintenance services for Quatripole products.

Continuing the tradition of exceptional engineering design and high-quality manufacturing, Quatripole equipment is widely used in defense, marine and industrial applications.

Quatripole equipment is used extensively by the Royal Australian Navy, providing commonality of equipment across the fleet for the following systems;
· Reverse Osmosis Systems
· Water Dosing Systems
· Rubbish Shredder/Compactor Equipment
· Electronical and Mechanical Control Systems

WATMAR are committed to providing sales, maintenance support and parts for all Quatripole equipment to the Royal Australian Navy fleet and other maritime applications in the ASIA-PACIFIC region.


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